Peter Alwast, Nigel Lendon, Rebecca Mayo, Lendon/Beer

31 May 2019 to 27 Jul 2019

Unfinished Business brings together three significant contemporary artists based in the ACT region with a serious bone to pick – they’ve never exhibited at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. What is even more peculiar is that Peter Alwast, Rebecca Mayo and Nigel Lendon share generational overlaps in their practices. These overlaps are not necessarily literal, but instead relate to their formal aesthetics, attitude and their mode of interpreting the world around them.

Lendon’s slick minimalist forms, paired with Alwast’s vibrant mixed media collages perfectly offset the delicateness of Mayo’s earthy and ephemeral works. The exhibition also features a collaborative work produced by Lendon and Emma Beer, under their pseudonym LENDON/BEER.

While this group of artists may use formalism, the grid and the multiple as a means to investigate their own practices, they all imply a path forward and they all have unfinished business.

Image: Nigel Lendon Neither. Nor, 2018,13, eighteen cylindrical elements, each 900 x 50mm, each half 900 x 1415 x 50, powdercoated steel, installed in corner

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