Hilary Wardhaugh - 'Memories Are Made of This'

Hilary Wardhaugh

5 Sep 2019 to 15 Sep 2019

Memories Are Made of This is an exploration of positivity and hope, even though the premise explores Dementia.

During the first stages of Dementia, it is difficult to tell just by looking at someone if they have dementia. If, when talking to a person living with dementia, you have no lived experience of dealing with a family member with the disease then it can be confusing for both people. I have created a series of portraits of couples living with Dementia; one has the disease and one does not. By not informing the viewer as to which person has the disease I aim to illustrate that though they may behave differently, they are still the same person.

Memories Are Made of This, is a song title which aptly describes the love and community of singing together. Music being powerfully potent to people living with Dementia.

All funds raised in sales of prints are being donated to Dementia research via Dementia Australia.

Sponsored by Ilford