On behalf of the CCAS board and staff I would like to welcome you to Canberra Contemporary Art Space. From our beginnings at the Bitumen River Gallery (now CCAS Manuka) in the early 1980s, CCAS has grown to be one of Australia’s most progressive spaces for the creation and presentation of contemporary artwork. While CCAS focuses on developing the careers of artists based in and around the ACT, we also understand the vital role of national and international peers in creating an exciting culture of artistic initiative in Canberra. CCAS works with a broad group of practitioners who crave the opportunity to break from convention and engage with new ideas, be they technical, social, political or conceptual. Importantly, in a local ecology of national museums and arts institutions, CCAS is a space where artists can be encouraged to realise ideas that might initially be seen as courageous, sometimes even strange. Importantly, in years to come other arts organisations will look to the projects and exhibitions that CCAS shows today as a guide for the future of Australian art.

Andrew Klein
Chair Canberra Contemporary Art Space