Third Eye is an interactive exhibition to be recorded and experienced through the third eye we carry. We often use our phones to excessively document our lives, for most the camera on our phone is the only camera we ever use regularly. Third Eye is a series of analog objects constructed from plywood, string, photographs and some outdated forms of technology revisited for the pleasure of your third eye to see. Once the experience is over the owner of the device is encouraged to review the memory and see the experience for the first time.

Image and statement courtesy of the artist


Morph is a series of small-scale acrylic paintings that use a restricted palette of ten colours and a dotting technique to create atmospheric colour effects. Cat Mueller employs this construct to explore the possibilities of colour relationships by subtracting colours to demonstrate how changes in tone affect the overall mood of the painting. Throughout the series, opposing dotted gradients confined to geometric zones reveal themselves at a distance. Every work has small variations that mutate from the previous painting, each emitting their own otherworldly light source.

Artist's statement
Cat Mueller, Static Field 5, 2017, acrylic on board, 35.6 x 27.9 cm; courtesy of the artist


Fueled by a lifetime fascination with manned spaceflight and frustrated with Australia’s lack of a space program, sculptor Tom Buckland has developed his own DIY backyard space expedition agency. Contact Light chronicles Tom’s homemade space odyssey into the unknown, displaying hand-made equipment, artefacts, spacecraft and spacesuits to recount a fictional journey into the unknown.

Artist's statement
Image: Tom Buckland, Voyager (detail), 2017, mixed media; courtesy of the artists


A bed is a place where we are at our most vulnerable. Our beds have witnessed countless incidents; our restless nights, sexual conquests, sound sleep, adolescent tears and much more.
Someone Else’s bed showcases used sheets and pillows in small booths to create an experience of these intimate belongings within a gallery context. In doing so, I aim to explore the significance of acquainting yourself with a stranger’s bed and what it means to have a such a private moment in a public space.

Artist's statement


A series of figurative paintings featuring scenes of meditative ambiguous intent, investigating the visual potency of an ordinary moment. The works are crafted from a sporadic collage of references from life, film and print; attempting to re direct narrative in the pursuit of an authentic vision. The subjects are strangers to the artist in order to encourage an uninhibited approach. The figures inhabit almost cinematic scenes of contemplative introspection. This series is a salute to the figurative tradition, drawing inspiration from a rich and intimidating history.

Artist statement and image courtesy of the artist


I use my ongoing practice to reciprocally investigate and challenge my own perceptions within a culture of conflicting truths. I question an ability to empathise with other animals on the one hand and disconnect on the other. Forcing these emotions to clash, there is a strange sensation. A push and pull that results in perceptual dissonance. 

Of particular interest are our convoluted relationships with introduced species. Rabbits, in particular, have manifold meaning to us. Through blurring the contextual boundaries between pest, product and friend in a bodily experience I hope to communicate hypocrisies hidden in our everyday cultural experiences.

Artist's statement
Image: courtesy of the artist


In this body of work, I continue my investigation of how we set up home. Ode to Frosta is a lament. Working with the mass produced rip off of Alvar Aalto’s stool sold at Ikea, I examine how the 21st century first world nomad establishes domestic space. I have painted the stools with patterns to refer to the tribal patterns that nomads carried with them on textiles and utensils before the advent of globalisation where the flat pack has replaced the saddlebag.

Artist's statement
Image: Frosta 4,2016, acrylic on ikea stool; courtesy of the artist


Pretty Im-pressed is an exhibition of prints I began making during my recent residency at The Art Vault in Mildura. Translating my visual language into etching and woodblock printing encouraged me to be playful and open to new ways of exploring texture, colour, mark and materiality. The prints demonstrate new techniques I learnt such as Collography, Carborundum and woodblock printing by hand. I specifically used pink, pearlescent pigment and glitter as a way of challenging the negative stigma surrounding craft and associations with the terms ‘child-like’ and ‘girly’. These elements are visual cues that reclaim the idea of ‘girliness’ and are also a way of expanding compositional and material possibilities.

Artist statement


Adrift is a body of work developed over the past 12 months, in which I attempt to visualise the intangible nature of love and the absolute certainty of mortality. The drawings are made of dust and nothing.

Image: Adrift I, Patsy Payne, 2016, mixed media; courtesy of the artist


A show exploring the theme of fashion within the context of contemporary art – a look at what’s hot in painting and fashion today.
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