Floored is an installation that continues Susan Buret’s investigation of painted pattern in an extended pictorial space. Buret has been working with geometric form and pattern and is currently a Masters candidate at the ANU School of Art.

In this show Buret takes the picture plane from wall to floor, and uses painted tessellated triangular ply working with colour, form and fragmentation to explore some of the characteristics of both the materials and the patterns themselves.

Susan Buret floored,,2014, detail, acrylic on ply, dimensions variable


Madeline Bishop presents Monuments, a photographic series commenting on domestic life in contemporary Australia.

Through the use of historical image making structures within the formal portraiture style, Monuments showcases Bishop’s process of incorporating elements of recent and distant history to provide the audience with an understanding of Australia now. Using imagery of native flowers and modern Australian food these photographs explore Australia’s relationship with both its native environments and westernised iconography.

Madeleine Bishop Simon in flannelette pyjamas, 2014, archival rag print from photographic negative, 102 x 102 cm


Rise of the Machines is a suite of new work by Katy Mutton exploring the evolution of air warfare. In her third solo exhibition she transitions from the romanticism of early combat planes to the idolatrous place of drones in modern warfare.

Over the last decade particularly there has been a proliferation of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle/drone) deployment across the globe with seemingly little accountability. With increasing numbers of drones traversing our skies whether for surveillance or targeted strikes we have entered a new warfare zone.

Katy Mutton Harbingers, 2013, detail, ink, carbon and acrylic on Kozo


Inside the Box is the second of our 2014 studio resident exhibitions at CCAS Manuka and is also his second solo show having recently graduated from the ANU School of Art furniture workshop.

Can you be creative whilst thinking "inside the box"?

Posing this question to himself Aaron Garlick investigates the creativity available within the confines of a defined space. The exhibition takes shape as a series of small sculptures and drawings. The work explores the confines of a 3 x 3 x 6 "box" and presents 45 possibilities out of a possible 531,441. The artist challenges himself to test his creativity against his meticulous and technical background; the result is a striking yet minimal body of work.