Yesterday's News

Natalie Thomas

6 Jul 2012 to 11 Aug 2012

I’ve heard it argued that it doesn’t matter if Gina Reinhardt has editorial control over the remnants of Fairfax newspapers because no one is compelled to read them anyway. But what if Gina was to offer something so delicious, so delectable and so salacious that it was impossible to resist?

It is the explosive cocktail of megalomania and human frailty that Yesterdays’ News is concerned with. Media saturation has been a recurring theme in the work of Natalie Thomas possibly because there is no point of satiation in sight. She does not take an academic approach to Yesterdays News being an artist who works from the content rather than as an observer or bystander. From this place Thomas invites her audience to share her experience, ironically, an experience in which they are already profoundly immersed but would not have considered in quite the same way.

Yesterday’s News is a personal audit of media consumption that explains why Thomas often makes poor consumer choices. It is an intimate look at her “diet” although a diet it is not. “I try to be well informed, to read quality, well-researched, current journalism” she says” but more often than not I find myself clicking on links leading to a gallery of Hollywood's shortest weddings, or cosmetic surgery procedures gone bad. It's a real dilemma.” The material that Thomas uses is so seductive that it impossible to ignore.

Adapted from catalogue essay by David Broker; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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