Whirlwind Lullabies

Shoeb Ahmad

18 Aug 2010 to 21 Aug 2010

"Canberra based sound artist Shoeb Ahmad presents Whirlwind Lullabies, an audio-visual installation that is inspired by the unique aural textures of his parent’s homeland, Bangladesh. Using manipulated tape recordings of various environments over a four year period, Ahmad creates loop-based pieces for close listening that explore intricate audio worlds that travel from the densely populated metropolis of Dhaka to the near-silence of the Chittagong Hill-tracks. The use of tape and the idiosyncrasies of it’s degradation process married with a collection of dream-like imagery taken from his various trips provide a hallucinogenic quality to the work."

"hellosQuare recordings will also present an evening of solo performances by improvising percussionist Sean Baxter from Melbourne, local tonesmith Orbits with Travis Heinrich on visuals and Shoeb himself, developing themes of minimalism, exoticism and intricacy through their unique sound palettes."

From hellosQuare's blog.

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