When Wishing Still Worked


13 Apr 2012 to 12 May 2012

Sisterwives are Shellaine Godbold, Helen Braund and Tiffany Cole.

Oh! How once upon a time fairy tales did please and thrill us. Mystical stories of evil teeth collecting witches, talking frogs and pumpkin carriages filled our imaginations with the possibilities of what could be, enlivening our reality. These were the magical elements our dreams were made of. The reverie in which we speculated about our future selves and life. But what happened to all those dreams? If your life didn’t go in the ‘happily ever after’ kind of direction you once expected then you are not alone. In When Wishing Still Worked at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Sister Wives explore these tales and their connection with our reality. As Shellaine Godbold puts it ‘What happens if you never meet your Prince Charming? What happens if you don't get your happily ever after and what is happily ever after anyway?’

In their first show together, Sister Wives draw you into their enchanted circle where they dwell upon the female identity in these stories. Inspired by portrayals of evil stepmothers and vulnerable princesses always in need of a knight in shining armour, Helen Braund, Tiffany Cole and Shellaine Godbold all look in their own way at how these fairy tale stereotypes influence our expectations.

Adapted from catalogue essay by Isabelle Morgan; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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