Ellis Hitch, Helen Michaelsen and Mona Oren

24 Aug 2012 to 6 Oct 2012

In 2009 Helen Michaelsen, Mona Oren and Ellis Hutch established v.o.i.d, an international project informed by a shared interest in experimental collaborative practice. The artists currently live in Perth, Western Australia, Paris, France and Queanbeyan, New South Wales.

All three have strong connections with Chiang Mai in Thailand, having met there through previous work and study residencies. This place was thus chosen as the initial site for the artists to meet and generate the first series of collaborative works for the v.o.i.d project.

The residency at ComPeung Village of Creativity in the village of Doi Saket in Northern Thailand in January 2010 enabled the three artists to generate the first stage of a dynamic body of site specific performance and video based work. The chosen site was Mae Kuang Dam. Aspects of the site were both monumental and intimate, with elements of the natural environment intersecting with a significant man-made infrastructure. The works were made in response to the site itself and in to the conversations and experimentation the three artists were conducting throughout the residency.

The artists met in later in 2010 in Perth to further develop the initial work and then undertook a second residency at ComPeung in January 2011. v.o.i.d #02 literally took to the water, engaging directly with fluid presences and absences, spending time on the water, watching the light, listening to the sounds, contemplating the sky reflected in the surface while aware of the depths below. Each artist drew on an individual experience and relationship with materials to create a performance to be shown as part of a series of video works; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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