Alycia Moffat and Claire Lenehan

23 Jul 2015 to 2 Aug 2015

Claire Lenehan and Alycia Moffat explore intrusion and anxiety in their upcoming exhibition Unmentionables. Utilising different modes of drawing, the artwork in Unmentionables represents different aspects of female body experience. Alycia Moffat uses clothing to convey emotional and physical tension. In her series of drawings, Moffat studies underwear, cutting away the fabric and warping the remaining structures. She is interested in the delicate material qualities of paper, distorting the picture plane with duct tape. In deforming and recreating intimate garments, Moffat observes the anxieties that accompany sexuality and bodily condition. Claire Lenehan aims to give a greater, more empowered voice to women who have experienced gendered violence in all its forms. Her body of work was manifested whilst noticing frequent casual dismissals of inappropriate attitudes towards women. Lenehan uses feminine art forms to create portraits; these confront the implications of such behaviour with the emotional reality for the victims.

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