An Unkindness of Ravens

Dean Butters

15 Mar 2012 to 25 Mar 2012

The interrogative power of photography has never been so present as it is in An Unkindness of Ravens. Dean Butters’ works scream innocence and violation at the same time. Appropriating aspects from advertising whilst also focusing on the relationship between model and photographer Dean’s images are beautiful yet extremely seductive and very real. He has you wondering where the line should be drawn between exploitation and art, reality and fantasy. Be prepared to be taken by the allurement of this playful yet dangerously evocative world. One moment you are looking at a photograph, the next, the intimate eyes and gawking looks of his models have you wondering whether a more personal encounter is going on.

These half-naked girls, yearning for full-bodied maturity plead you to return to your youth. To the angst you felt in those years of awkwardness and anticipation. Those years caught between naïve innocence and full-blossomed sexuality.

Words Isabelle Morgan

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