Unconscious Mind

Josie Cosgrove

13 Sep 2012 to 23 Sep 2012

It’s a puzzling feeling when you wake from a dream and the flashback elements don’t make sense. Within a few more seconds, you have leant over to switch off your alarm and the day has begun. Your night-time dreams and fantasies fall into oblivion. Unconscious Mind dwells on these unreal and bizarre dream experiences. Josie Cosgrove blends studio and location photography using Photoshop to create epic surreal images that evoke the connection between dreams and real personal experience. What do the symbols mean, and how are they connected to your actual encounters, feelings and ideas? These unique photo composites are inspired by Cosgrove’s own innermost thoughts and dreams but they also invite the viewer to relate and interpret their meaning. Through experimental editing Cosgrove embeds not only deeply personal events and ideas but also political and social ones.