Tracking Patterns II

Jacklyn Peters

19 Jul 2012 to 29 Jul 2012

We go from place to place hardly thinking about the environment at hand. But when we stop and think about it- where we walk, in everything we do, we occupy space. It is always unusual to think about our lives in a detached sort of way. Jacklyn Peters does this as she tracks the movements of people in public spaces. She investigates interactions, creating drawings and paintings that illuminate patterns we make. Her lines and brushstrokes trace how we alter the environment and how space affects the way people behave. She creates a transparent reality where all that remains are mere traces of places we have been and people we have seen. In Tracking Patterns II Peters brings you the next instalment building on her exhibition Tracking Patterns I, held in Tasmania last year. Through drawings and paintings, Tracking Patterns II explores recurring surface patterns found in photographs she has taken in public spaces around the world and in Tasmania, Sydney and Canberra.

Words by Isabelle Morgan