Touching Space

Ellis Hutch

23 May 2008 to 5 Jul 2008

"Touching Space explores the intersections between sign language and English, between codified sign systems and the half unconscious gestures we all make, between intelligible images and abstraction... The moving hands in Touching Space have been abstracted to a point where they begin to evoke other imagery, medical imagery, strange skeletal creatures, trees and landscapes according to different viewers. I am interested in the way people’s brains can get caught in a kind of feedback loop, that experience of having a word on the tip of your tongue but not being able to access it. This has inspired the construction of images that move between being recognisable and being somehow abstract so the viewer has the imaginative space to respond and construct their own imagery.

From Ellis Hutch's blog.

Image: Ellis Hutch, installation view, 2008.