Sweet Nothings

Johanna Butler & Louella Raynolds

8 Jun 2017 to 18 Jun 2017

Sweet Nothings features the work of emerging artists Johanna Butler and Louella Raynolds, and examines a sense of beauty in absence. Butler uses the motif of drapery in lieu of the figure. Her paintings depict draped forms layered in bright abstracted spaces. Through the relationship between fabric and flesh, Butler’s work expresses the movement and liveliness of the body. Raynolds explores the connection between nature, time and loss. Her paintings evoke imagery that harks back to the Victorian curiosity, a period of beauty despite death. By fragmenting her subjects, she explores a lost sense of identity within the Australian landscape.

Image: Louella Raynolds, Jamais vu, 2017, oil on canvas, 50x40cm; courtesy of the artist