sour castles

Samantha Small

4 Apr 2014 to 10 May 2014

Lost solitude, I have always been prey. Like the hare with long ears, I am timid. My shadow is immense.

Sadness, flight of wild ducks. Melancholy, bitter castle of eagles.

Marcel Broodthaers, Mon livre d’ogre (1957)

Taking as its title the deliberate misinterpretation of Broodthaers’ untitled poem, sour castles is an architectural intervention that invites the viewer to enter the ‘non-place’ of the hotel hallway. French anthropologist Marc Augé first described the ‘non-place’ as a public space which cannot be defined as relational, or historical, or concerned with identity, creating “neither singular identity nor relations; only solitude”.

Divided by five numbered doors, the narrow hall reflects the distinctive physical dimensions of the human body and delineates the psychological boundaries of individual privacy in a shared environment. In this way the installation delivers a broken promise of accessibility, a deceptive corridor of private spaces that are in fact quite inaccessible, and where upon entering, any sense of privacy dissolves. 

Excerpts from artist’s statement.

Samantha Small sour castles, 2014, wood, paint, metal fittings, light fitting, monitor, media player, video 4’45” loop, installation view, dimensions variable

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