Solstice Eyes

Lisa Twomey

3 Feb 2012 to 12 Feb 2012

We all know the feeling of Solstice Eyes, hot under your cold hands. Perhaps because last night was too long, or too short. Or maybe it was because you looked at things too closely or too hard. Or maybe it was because everything seems too real, and you want to catch the seams of your dream before your mind patches them over. Solstice Eyes is an immersive dive into the dreamlike world of emerging Canberra artist Lisa Twomey, curated by Canberra Contemporary Art Space intern, Alice Dickins. Lisa Twomey is well known for her beautiful murals that smother the walls of boutiques, bars and streets around Canberra. As her first solo exhibition, Solstice Eyes will allow an opportunity to experience her work in a whole new way. The viewer will enter a different mind space, another world, like stumbling into someone else’s dream.

Solstice Eyes is a total work of art that crosses the boundaries between fashion, painting, installation and performance.

Words by Alice Dickins

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