23 Oct 2015 to 21 Nov 2015

Liam O’Brien’s standalone video works were never intended to be shown as components of a broad conceptual grouping, however, his CCAS exhibition has provided an opportunity to increase their characteristic angst threefold. The selection of I'm Too Drunk To Tell You (2011), Untitled (Clean Skin) (2012) and Whistling in the Dark (2013) not only covers three years of performance but also focus on three different body parts, head, hands and feet. They represent a body of work that is touched by irrational hand of Absurdism and neo avant-garde conceptual performance of the 1960/70s in which the human body became a medium for artistic enquiry. Sound tracks from each work, while varying in intensity, generate a disquieting soundscape that heightens O’Brien’s all encompassing sense of existential malaise.

Liam O'Brien I'm Too Drunk To Tell You (2011) video still, HD single channel video, 10 minutes, edition 14.

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Whistling in the Dark (2013) commissioned for Performutations, an Artbank video series curated by Dr Daniel Mudie; photography by Brenton McGeachie Cunningham

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