Second Nature Second Future

Roman Stachurski

8 May 2013 to 19 May 2013

An ominous and enveloping cloak of ash shrouds Roman Stachurki’s exhibition Second Nature. This is the first of a pair of exhibitions concerned with the future of planet earth and Second Natureexplores a dark and forbidding possible reality.

Stachurski says that his works reflect his interest in “the current state of the planet and civilization, particularly the consumerist culture of mankind and the modernizing world.” Themes of the terrestrial and the possibility of decay are expressed in Second Nature, a mixture of static and kinetic sculptures feature in an ash covered gallery space that transforms and transports the viewer into Stachurski’s own vision of the future. Second Future, is set in a far more traditional gallery setting with plain white walls and clean floors. However, themes of a grim and frightening future persist. The influence of science fiction on both Second Nature and Second Future is evident with the artist acknowledging the influence of sci-fi author Phillip K Dick on his work. Whether or not one subscribes to such a bleak outlook of the future, it is fascinating to see how Stachurski conjures such an alarming experience of the future.

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