The Screen Set

Zoe Kirkwood

29 May 2015 to 4 Jul 2015

Working in an expanded painting practice, Zoe Kirkwood uses the visual language and extravagance of the Baroque spectacle to create engulfing worlds that bring together painting, sculpture and installation.

In her most recent body of work The Screen Set, Zoe engages with the history of painting and its relationship to the three-dimensional world through the creation of large painted screens. Drawing on elements of her earlier painting and sculptural work, these screens take on the appearance of theatre props; functioning together as an elaborate stage set that directs, diverts and obscures the audience’s view; extending her painted work into the physical space of the viewer.

artist's statement

Zoe Kirkwood, The Painted Fold Series, 2013, installation view, dimensions variable, acrylic and oil on canvas, stainless steel, mild steel, wood, enamel; photography by Brenton McGeachie

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