Timothy Phillips

20 Feb 2014 to 2 Mar 2014

Tim Phillips’ works are every bit as seductive and beautiful as ‘Old Master’ Still Life paintings, but then you start to see that there's much more to them and they are in fact very personal self-portraits. Instead of precious objects or flowers, Phillips paints things which are readily accessible to him: cheap jars and paper bags, bundles of sticks from outside his studio. The colours he throws into the mix, largely in the background, speak of distinct personal taste- saccharin pastel pinks or bold cadmium yellow. Phillips also introduces jarringly fantastic imagery from his own imagination and found images. Rainbows - not an object, but an ephemeral phenomenon of light- arc unrealistically across the horizontal surface depicted in the still life, and images of porn stars and penises appear as if through random port-holes within the surface behind the still life objects. Phillips celebrates Still Life painting and makes it his own, whilst also challenging its history. In his work, Still Life is no longer a record of high status, and it cheekily reveals glimpses of things which are not seen in the group of objects and the surfaces underneath and behind.

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