Daniel Wallwork

3 Jul 2009 to 15 Aug 2009

"The works mine the hard, masculine language and stereotypes of truckin’ culture, juxtaposed against the shiny feminine fineries and scrollwork that lavishly adorn these highway giants. It is through the naming and personalizing of their machines with names like ‘Foxy Lady’ and ‘Steel Cowboy’ that the staunch trucker expresses his presence, or often a theatrical opposing persona, with his truck’s appearance and dressage. Wallwork takes a sincere yet satirical approach to the worship of these Prime Movers with detailed pin striping, cheeky badges, lustrous chrome and hand painted customized identities. Interiors too become sumptuously upholstered throne rooms, providing a home away from home and allowing the trucker to loftily observe his automotive subjects or entice them back into the inner sanctum. The trucker is the king and the machine is his queen. The highways are their kingdom. We are all mere jesters!"

From Artereal website.

Image: Daniel Wallwork, 2009, installation view.