Rachel Powell - 'Material Fixations'

Rachel Powell

19 Apr 2018 to 29 Apr 2018

Material Fixations showcases new paintings and textile works by Rachel Powell, which abstractly explore the layering of memories through the application of lines and scrap material. The two material processes are in dialog, with all works completed considering the similarity in processes of working with both media. The method of layering within the works sees textile pieces layered over each other to make an image, and paintings visually pieced, sewn, and layered like quilts. The collection of repurposed material and cut-up paintings embeds the artworks with past histories, while surveying the object and material state of the artworks.

Image: Rachel Powell Laminate Memories No.1 2018, acrylic paint, mica pigment, silk and varnish on linen, 80cm x 80cm