people do have the right to be bigots you know

Pat Hoffie

5 Apr 2014 to 11 May 2014

people do have the right to be bigots you know is part of Pat Hoffie’s Fully Exploited Labor series that has been ongoing for almost three decades. For this particular series she employed Balinese woodcarvers to carve the bumper-sticker slogans 'designed' for Australian tourists in Bali. Part of Hoffie’s interest in these artifacts lies in the way they perform the role of objects of cultural exchange. Each carving provides an insight into the way that Balinese traders view Australians through the items that tourists are keen to buy. Although they may seem a long way from the kind of objects that make their way into museums and collections as evidence of cultural interaction or cross-cultural influences, they are as loaded with traces of cultural trade as any other products.

First shown as you gotta love it in Artspace, Sydney in February 2013, the scope of people do have the right to be bigots you know has broadened to include changes in Australia-Indonesian relations. By April 2014 a change of government and its new priorities has significantly altered the context of the work. This, together with the fact that this exhibition at CCAS is located in the nation's capital, made it important that the components of the installation were reconsidered. For this reason, Hoffie has included parts of quotes from the federal government in relation to Australia's relationship with Indonesia in the face of the ongoing problems of the refugee crisis and in the wake of the 'spying scandal'.

Excerpt from artist's statement by Pat Hoffie.

Pat Hoffie, people do have the right to be bigots you know, 2013-2014, wood, paint, installation view, dimensions variable; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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