Out of the corner of your eye

Jane Barney

4 Dec 2015 to 13 Feb 2016

Collage is not only a highly developed art form it is also an established past time, as in the art of decoupage. In Out of the Corner of Your Eye, Jane Barney takes her practice to a new level, animating and presenting her assemblages in cheap digital frames. These works presented in the black box of CCAS CUBEspace situate the domestic loading of digital frames amongst the hi-tech motivations of conceptual video art. But they do not quite make it ... there is a naïve charm to these moving juxtapositions and, while Barney is never decorating or illustrating, the hand of home-made decisively occupies her work. Cutting and pasting with scissors and cursor, however digital the end product, it never loses sight of its hand-made origins.

Image: A spin-off, 2015, video still


Exhibition catalogue