Oceans apart, Oceans between

Surya Bajracharya

23 Oct 2015 to 21 Nov 2015

Oceans apart, Oceans between examines the topology of social and political difference across government and the broader community. Somewhere between satire and sobering reality, these screen prints combine potent symbols of distance and displacement with political iconography. Can Australians and their government of the day have greater morality and more understanding toward asylum seekers? Can we come together to present a unified view? This series encourages the viewer to stand in another’s shoes, reflecting on what we have and what they do not. By valuing humanity over selfish preoccupation it might just be possible to bridge chasms of difference wherever they are found.

The artist would like to acknowledge Millan Pintos-Lopez for printing the work.
Surya Bajracharya, Don't Hold Your Breath (2015) detail, screen print, 168 x 76 cm. Photography by Brenton McGeachie.

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