Obnoxious Ladies in the Australian Landscape

Curated by Sabrina Baker

13 May 2016 to 18 Jun 2016

Obnoxious Ladies in the Australian Landscape brings together work by Emma Beer, Jacqueline Bradley, Anna Davern, Lucy Forsberg, Alex Pye and Camille Serisier, a group of women with new perspectives on the landscape and their position in it.
Australian art history frequently references male depictions of harsh and unforgiving lands to be conquered or celebrated as a great untouchable beauty often leaving out women’s experience altogether. This exhibition takes a new approach through cities, suburbs and sad country towns through the eyes of women who make work that is both unapologetic and humorous, disrupting the usual story of landscape.

Image: Camille Serisier, Ken Done It!, photo print; 165 x 120 cm; photography by Brenton McGeachie

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