Nooks and Crannies

Jonathan Webster

16 Feb 2012 to 26 Feb 2012

In Nooks and Crannies dreamy brushstrokes of paintings appear next to solid sculptural forms, yet they are all connected in celebrating the awe and power of nature. Jonathan makes tangible the romantic and melancholic emotions that overwhelm us when we look down a tree hole, tread on pebbles or encounter a radiant sky. You will be astonished at how easily these indefinable feelings are grasped again inside the gallery. Never did you think that fleeting feeling you once had could be recreated. But yes, Jonathan goes into those nooks and down those crannies, extracts that elusive nostalgia or joy and ingrains it in the canvas or sculpture before you. He makes it possible to feel the unfathomable again. Here life and art are one as you rediscover that hidden beauty you have experienced before, only this time its inside and its not going to disappear too quickly.

Words by Isabelle Morgan

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