Erica Seccombe

23 May 2008 to 5 Jul 2008

The story of Erica Seccombe's Nanoplastica begins with a residency at the ANU Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering when Dr Tim Senden x-rayed a variety of miniature plastic models from the artists collection on the Microcomputer Tomograph (XTC). In modern and post-modern times the "art of the everyday" has made frequent attempts to raise objects of humble origins way above their station and into the heady heights of masterpiece. Even so, there is something particularly "sad" about Seccombe's tiny plastic toys, representing as they do, a point at which consumerism and futility meet. Using scientific equipment that is rarely accessible to artists, Seccombe effects an extraodinary transformation in which her work becomes "a metaphor for contemporary scientific techniques and processes such as nanotechnology to examine issues of visualisation, replication and simulation of the natural world."

Image: Erica Seccombe, installation detail, 2008.