Peter Vandermark

10 Oct 2014 to 15 Nov 2014

Peter Vandermark’s practice is preoccupied with architecture, furnishings, models, maquettes and design. All of these appear in Modulations as he explores three-dimensional art as a flexible modular form, making objects that have the appearance of parts that might be added or subtracted.

For Vandermark the human body is never far from the sculptural environment even if it remains unseen. ‘Sculpture’, he says, ‘is always a study of proxemics’. Proxemics concerns the use of space, the way people interact with others and the ways they organise personal and public spaces. Vandermark understands the gallery as one of these spaces and his work provides audiences with divergent opportunities to consider their physical selves in relation to his work and its positioning within the space of presentation.

Adapted from essay by David Broker.

Peter Vandermark, Modulations, 2014, installation view; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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