Patsy Payne

6 Dec 2012 to 2 Feb 2013

These shadows fall for us, and we for them. Like a roomful of wraiths, they wait suspended, for us to walk among them, animate them, as we, the light, the day itself, moves, making them change, grow, diminish, reach towards us, and fall away. These works are not static, the laser-cut steel sculptures buzz with an electric current, a lightning strike of energy transfixed and pinned on the wall, while the glass works hover and float like cloud or mist that gathers, fades, and disperses as we watch. The complex layering techniques create varying levels of opacity and transparency, allowing the fore and background, positive and negative space, to intermingle; for forms to push forward or retreat to the depths. This is space creation; a demonstration of how the body both activates, and is activated by space. The surrounding swirling patterns are like currents, eddies, whirlpools, which tug at the body, and yet are also a trace, the wake left by the body moving through it.

Excerpt from essay by Sarah Rice

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