Manuka on a Saturday Morning

Sally O'Callaghan

15 Sep 2016 to 25 Sep 2016

My work is an exploration of public spaces such as shopping centres, train stations and supermarkets. I explore my interest in the way in which people move in these spaces and the impression screen technology is making on our public space. Footage stills from different places are digitally collaged. This visual information is then translated into my painting with the use of scale, fragmented perspective, repetition of imagery and pictorial digital troupes. These compositional approaches are used to draw a link to the fragmentation and disorientation of public spaces and time in transit.
Manuka on a Saturday Morning is an exhibition sourced from films that are particular to the Urban Manuka area. Filmed over one Saturday morning the exhibition is a site specific painting installation for CCAS Manuka.

Image: George and Pitt St, 2016, image and artist statement courtesy or the artist