Lindy Delian

19 Oct 2012 to 24 Nov 2012

Lyndy Delian’s glass sculptures emerge amongst grains of sand in her new installation, Journeys. Lit from underneath, the play of light in this earthen environment is both astonishing and subtle. Delian makes connections between the original qualities of glass as sand and the sophisticated finished product. As the glass sculptures emerge from the sand, the audience gets a strong sense of her developing process. Delian’s glass sculptures connect with the land and earth as they lie in the soil. Light and reflections evoke the ethereal beauty of the sky and water. These handmade pieces, each surface shaped with care and coloured with thought, reveal the layers of inspiration behind Delian’s work. They are inspired by her connection to land and community as well as by poetry and stories. From these rich sources her organic and lively sculptural forms are imbued with life.

Adapted from catalogue essay by Isabelle Morgan; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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