Intimate Spaces Revealed

Curated by Debra Porch

4 Jul 2014 to 9 Aug 2014

Intimacy: the feeling of a close personal association of the deepest nature; a sense of belonging. Intimacy can also describe the personal relationship that centres on emotion, passion, love, and immediately summons the senses and the closeness to the living and the dying. And then of course there are the intimate associations that occur with no warning – the discovery of one’s past, the discovery of one’s own or another’s body, and the awareness of the secrets of the self.

Caitlin Franzmann, Carol McGregor and Leena Riethmuller are conscious of creating mechanisms that assist in evoking wider interpretations of what the intimate can conjure up or even can be. The three Brisbane artists confront intimacy differently, but Franzmann’s sound-installation Dissolve, McGregor’s invisible (cloak) of 60 possum skins and Riethmuller’s video works Fitting into yourself and Neti performance [1] all gravitate around the importance that lies in the unexpected experiences and responses that the audience may have when they are asked by the art to ‘slow-down’ and involve themselves with visual or sensorial work.

Carol McGregor, Invisible (cloak), 2013, possum skins, cotton, ochre, charcoal, tree gum, 240cm x 180cm, Leena Riethmuller, Neti pot performance (1), 2014, HD video 16:9 (Duration 3’21”) installation view; 50cm x 100cm x 754cm, Fitting into yourself, 2014, HD video 16:9 (Duration 19’33”) installaton view, 100cm x 270cm x 225cm; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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