Imprint: Growing Up Planned

Curated by Virginia Rigney

12 Apr 2013 to 18 May 2013

Artists: Roger Benjamin, Tony Clark, Daniel Flood, Claire Freer, Clint Hurrell, Antony Moulis, Jonathan Nicols and Bruce Reynolds

Imprint - Growing Up Planned presents new works by a group of eight artists, architects and academics who have all shared the experience of being born or spending a period of their early childhood in Canberra during a very significant time of the city’s development. Then, like many of their generation, all of the participants in this exhibition, left a city that was still in many ways a small town and made their adult lives elsewhere, although all have maintained contact with the city through friends and family. The occasion of Canberra 100 has offered the opportunity to address the city, many for the first time in their professional practice. Here they interrogate how their unconditioned experiences during the city’s most confident period of development continue to impact on their current practice. Their works offer insights into, and in some cases a critique of, the contemporary city and its place within national cultural identity.

Adapted from catalogue essay by Virginia Rigney

Anthony Moulis (L-R) House for the Hermit, House of Athena, House of the Oracle, 2013, digital prints and cardboard model, dimensions variable, installation view; photo Brenton McGeachie

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