I Forget to Forget

Curated by Stephen Gilchrist

16 Oct 2009 to 21 Nov 2009

Featuring Tony Albert, Daniel Boyd, Andrea Fisher, Helen Johnson, Jonathan Jones and Reko Rennie. The interrogative practices of the artists in I Forget to Forget serve to both expose and assist in the recovery from the cultural and racial problems that continue to unsettle contemporary Australia. Creating works of art that resonate with cultural memory, the artists critically reflect on history and how it configures the present. These creative excursions into the past demonstrate a determination to remember and a devotional struggle to bear witness, The mantra-like exhibition title re-affirms this personal commitment. Their creative explorations into personal and collective memory rehearse the rhetoric of healing and contribute to it. Implicated in a debate not of their own making , the artists inscribe themselves and the viewer into a process of self-involvement. It is only through this process that we can continue to short-circuit and recover from our nation's arrested development.

From essay by Stephen Gilchrist

Image: Tony Albert, exotic OTHER, 2009.

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