15 Oct 2010 to 27 Nov 2010

"Deb Mansfield also works with landscapes to transform them beyond the mundane. Here the boundaries are again interfaces: mangroves being at the ´┐╝junction of land and sea. The next layer Mansfield explores is the boundary between the external world and the domestic interior. The mangroves are brought inside, first into her apartment, then into galleries. Following the ravages of hurricane Katrina, the swamps of Louisiana forced the outside in. The disruption of the interior finds expression in an Albino alligator, an ectoplasmic discharge, and an inverted house. By converting the image to tapestry Mansfield returns us to the domestic world from whence we came."

From essay by Daryl Hewson for Queensland Centre for Photography.

Image: Deb Mansfield, 2010, installation view.

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