Horror Film 1

Teaching and Learning Cinema

28 Jun 2014

Teaching and Learning Cinema (Lucas Ihlein and Louise Curham) presents the inaugural work-in-progress re-enactment of Malcolm Le Grice’s 1971 Expanded Cinema work Horror Film 1.Re-enactments carried out by Teaching and Learning Cinema draw upon experimental film of the 1960s and 1970’s, bringing together conceptual art, cinema and performance. Horror Film 1 explores the physical and psychological play of body and shadows generated in the beams of three 16mm film projectors. The live performer, naked with her back to the audience, begins near the screen and during the course of the performance, moves slowly backwards until she reaches the projectors. All the while, she makes a series of movements with her hands, arms, shoulders, seeming to feel the boundaries of the projected rectangles of light. This re-enactment of Horror Film 1 will be accompanied by a discussion around ephemerality, documentation, archiving, and cups of tea.

Teaching and Learning Cinema (Louise Curham and Lucas Ihlein)

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