Hey Buddha! Better get the kettle ready; we're coming for you

John Hart, Saara March & Sui Jackson

6 Aug 2015 to 16 Aug 2015

Drawing on the multi-disciplinary skills of the artists, John Hart, Saara March and Sui Jackson this collaborative (and immersive) installation transforms the gallery into a pseudo-Victorian drawing room, peopled with glass flora, fantastic fauna and views of impossible landscapes.

The exhibition title is a quotation from the popular 1980’s television series, Monkey Magic. Just as Monkey Magic operates on multiple planes - entertaining and comical whilst dealing with some of Buddhism’s most important philosophical concerns –the title references our shared (pop) cultural interests and the light-hearted nature of our collaborations whilst simultaneously hinting at the more serious underpinning to our practices; an interest in the transformative power of cogitation and imagination - central to the Monkey saga.

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