Half Circle Scroll

Michal Glikson

15 Apr 2010 to 21 May 2010

As the title suggests, Half Circle Scroll surrounds the audience by way of a cinematic curve that also suggests the notion of an unfinished journey. Glikson’s scroll is an archive of visualized encounters that attempts to define an imaginary line that the artist crossed while living and working in India and Pakistan. This line as described by the scroll is a transitional point of crossing from one culture to another where one eventually becomes thoroughly immersed in the new culture.

Having developed an interest in Australia’s links to the Indo-Pak Subcontinent while studying post-colonial theory, Glikson explored the extent to which the creation of colonies such as Australia was linked to, for instance, the British Raj in India. During further study for a Masters Degree in Painting at the University of Vadodara in India, 2010 she found the legacies of Imperialism pervasive in the ways people talk and behave. These experiences among many other vestiges of colonial rule reverberate through her paintings.

Excerpt from catalogue essay by David Broker

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