Green Valley Farm

Clare Thackway

19 Oct 2012 to 10 Nov 2012

Green Valley Farm Farm is a regional holiday park located just outside the small country town of Tingha in northern New South Wales. Clare Thackway’s paintings and documentary video inspired by her visit there focus on the freakish specimens sited at this peculiar “bush oasis”. The farm is home to playgrounds, waterslides and deformed animals. If you have ever wanted to see a five-legged sheep, Green Valley’s got one. The most interesting attraction of all, however, is the Smith Museum that was the first registered private gallery in Australia. Here the country curator shows Thackway the unique memorabilia collected over the years. Dead specimens are bottled up and preserved in methylated spirits: two-headed kittens, a headless lamb, an albino echidna and legless lizards.

Adapted from catalogue essay by Isabelle Morgan; photograph by Brenton McGeachie.

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