Future Proof

Curated by Alexander Boynes, David Broker, Janice Falsone, Anni Doyle Wawrzynczack and Annika Harding

6 Dec 2013 to 8 Feb 2014

Artists: Timothy Dwyer, Nicci Haynes, Gregory Hodge, Rosalind Lemoh, Brendan Murphy, Patsy Payne, Clare Thackway, Frank Thirion, Daniel Vukovljak, Jonathan Webster and Jo Wu

As Canberra’s first 100 years draws to a close several of the centenary curators - Alexander Boynes, David Broker, Anni Doyle Wawrzynczack, Janice Falsone and Annika Harding - continue to live in Canberra where they are able to consider its future from within. All five are thoroughly immersed in Canberra’s visual arts community and equally reluctant to say what the future might hold. Through CCAS and the Studio Residency Program, Australian National Capital Artists Studios and Gallery, arts writing and criticism they contribute as artists, administrators, commentators, advocates and supporters. As a curatorium, they bring comprehensive first-hand knowledge to the final exhibition of 2013 and each has selected two artists who delineate something of the future. Coincidentally, a number of the works selected for Future Proof have a futuristic feel in the sense of being appropriately apocalyptic, but more importantly, they represent artists whose practices have become inextricably integrated with their daily lives. As with the curators, the boundaries between art and life appear to have dissolved and in this way the future is not only set, but also assured.

Nicci Haynes, Body Language, 2013, posters and projection, dimensions variable; photo Brenton McGeachie

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