Raquel Ormella

6 Dec 2012 to 2 Feb 2013

Feeders was developed during a studio residency in Tokyo in 2010. The work recreates two encounters during which wild birds took food from my hand. The first was at a beach side temple in Kamakura where I had a sandwich snatched from my hands by a large Black Kite. Opportunistic scavenging by Kites is a common event on the coast at near Tokyo, so much so that bi-lingual signs have been installed to warn visitors. This event was a startling and powerful demonstration of the outcome when humans provide food to wild animals, usually in the form of waste, as this allows a certain species to survive and thrive. The experience of temporarily becoming, in the moment of eating, a prey animal, was such an unexpected and compelling encounter that I wanted to investigate it further in an artwork. The second encounter depicted here is when I fed peanuts to a small and charismatic songbird called a Varied Tit when I visited the Meiji Jingu shrine in Yoyogi Park.

Rather than re-staging these events for camera, as in a nature documentary, I have chosen to make a work that takes a more subjective point of view. My intention was to recreate the excitement and immersion-in-the-moment that characterises an encounter with a wild creature.

Excerpt from artist's statement Raquel Ormella

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