Desert Mouth

Stuart Bailey

29 Aug 2008 to 11 Oct 2008

"In Bailey’s work, it’s okay to feel a little lost. These non-sequiturs are set in unsteady terrains. In the video work Desert Mouth (2009) Bailey himself is stoned and lost in the desert. He stumbles around in only a t-shirt adorned with a marijuana leaf and sneakers: ruder than nude. Lost and confused. The work could be construed as a portrait of a resident of post-heroic society. He is intoxicated by the reiteration of slogans, mottos, headlines, mantras, buzz words, jingoistic catch phrases and epithets. He hides in a haze of escape and intemperance. Like the portrait jamais vu."

From "Stuart Bailey: An Excercise in Imminent Doom" by Amita Kirpalani

Image: Stuart Bailey, installation detail, 2008.