Anna Madeleine

9 Dec 2016 to 11 Feb 2017

Currents is an interactive, physical map of the global network of undersea cables that carry the communication signals of the Internet. It challenges how we conceptualise the Internet as a 'wireless' technology rather than a physical infrastructure. Remapping a communication system normally regarded as invisible highlights the evocative fragility of a world physically connected by cables.
Viewers are invited to interact with the work through an analogue switchboard that illuminates specific pathways around the world. This interaction reminds us of the materiality of the Internet, where digital communication is entangled, chaotic, and subject to disruptions of the natural world.

The artist would like to acknowledge for their technical support; Daniel Hovenden and Keytie. This work was made for SafARI 2016
The artist would also like to thank ArtsACT for their support through project funding for this exhibition.
Image: Anna Madeleine, Submarine Cable Map, 2016, EL wire and electronic components, approx. 200 x 400 cm. Installation view, Kudos Gallery for SafARI 2016, Sydney. Photograph: Document Photography

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