Cue Funktion


10 May 2012 to 20 May 2012

A hellosQuare exhibition and residency featuring Luke Penders, Elena Papanikolakis, Dylan Martorell, Helani Laisk, Robbie Karmel, Kate Ahmad, Spartak, Ollie Brown, Shopgirl, Deafcat and Merewomen.

Mixing it up is never something we say no to at CCAS. But the collaborative commotion about to hit Manuka redefines what it means to mix it up altogether. HellosQuare recordings presents cue funktion, a sublime combine of art and melody. From the 10th to the 20th of May, CCAS Manuka presented an exhibition featuring new works by Kate Ahmad, Robbie Karmel, Helani Laisk, Dylan Martorell, Elena Papanikolakis and Luke Penders. If you thought this was exciting enough, the space was also transformed each Friday and Saturday evening from 8:30pm into a live pop-up venue, hosting Spartak in residency with different guests each night. This collaboration is according to Shoeb Ahmad of HellosQuare “a melting pot of multifaceted art-forms that inhabit the same creative landscape, one born out of a DIY spirit and unique interpretation.” cue funktion was a clash of creativity that brought a fresh new atmosphere and many energetic partakers to the Manuka scene.