Creature Comforts

Fiona Veikkanen

12 Apr 2012 to 22 Apr 2012

Come and feel more at home in the gallery than you have ever felt before with Fiona Veikkanen’s new show Creature Comforts at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka. Veikkanen’s creations are friendly and welcoming as she crafts familiarity and comfort into strangely new and wonderful creations. The well known becomes the curious, as homey materials such as clothing are transformed. Veikkanen also uses kitschy craft techniques like pompom making, crochet and French knitting that remind you of your own trinkets and treasures. But as close as you feel to these works, you still don’t know what they are or what they are used for. This is what Veikkanen likes best; the thought viewers have that, “I should know what I am looking at because it is so familiar, but I really don’t know what it is!”

Words by Isabelle Morgan

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