Conquer in Comfort

Bernie Slater

5 Apr 2008 to 17 May 2008

"The board bow you stealthily utilise to deliver your funny and familiar magazine and TV inspired messages manage a hit to the heart of material and consumer culture. Are you suggesting that the TV and IT generation should change position on the couch, reach for a GPS and take a new course through the mall, perhaps even look out the window? By placing us, the distant viewer, in scenes such as Abu Ghraib, I get the feeling we are all deeply implicated. This brings a double edge to our sense of cultural belonging and patriotism... We take in your images and objects like any others we may see on TV or in magazines, but after the initial wise crack you don't really give us any answers. We are left wandering around the mall thinking and feeling and that is exactly what you want. You are telling us to put away the facial mist, pull our sporting beanies over up from over our eyes and take a long hard look at who and where we are."

From an open letter to Bernie Slater by Julian Laffan.

Image: Bernie Slater, installation view, 2008.