Ella Whately

2 Aug 2012 to 5 Mar 2015

Abstraction has never looked so good, nor has it ever made you think so much! Ella Whateley’s exhibition Communicants at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka takes abstraction to new levels, offering an aesthetically awesome experience and, if you please, a little meditation on the side. You are in a space of immense and subliminal colour. You will have to fight hard to resist being enveloped by the pools of inky colour and clouds of pigment that swarm you, inducing a dense state of contemplation. Although simple fields of colour appear empty of subject matter, they are fulsome in the depth of their tones. These are works of art, but in the volumes they create they can also be gateways to spaces beyond the real world. Spaces of contemplation for thinking about all that is above and beyond the human sphere.

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