Cheviot Beach

Cathy Laudenbach

29 Aug 2008 to 11 Oct 2008

"Cathy Laudenbach's photographs take on the difficult task of grappling with notions of the land and its capricious nature by reproducing images of sites where people have mysteriously disappeared. And there are many. Her images often emanate a seductive beauty and yet, tied as they are to specific events, they are also sometimes unassuming views. Unassuming because it is not only Australia's beautiful or significant landmarks that are culpable - and that's notwithstanding the most sensational disappearance at Uluru in 1980. This aspect of the work poses problems for both Laudenbach and her audience as the question arises how do we know what happened at this site and is it even necessary to know? Does the landscape produce a different aura following a disappearance and is it possible to generate a feeling of absence through a photograph which is essentially about presence?"

From catalogue essay by David Broker.

Image: Cathy Laudenbach, installation detail, 2008.